Thursday, 21 August 2014

Firing up the engines

     This blog is going to be a story about a railway of at least two halves. A rural industrial narrow gauge line coming to terms with a changing world, and the standard gauge line it connects to. The railways are set in the early to mid-1960's somewhere in Kent, probably on the north coast of the county and are a joint venture between my Dad and I, with his main focus on the standard and mine on the narrow, although we both do work and have interests in both.
     I'm not going to go into too much detail on this first post, the next one will probably be all about the layout plan and a detailed description, for now I am just going to post some pretty pictures at the start of Thornham Bay Light Railway's working day, with the two mainstay engines in the shed and then starting passenger train duties.

009 oo9 gem vari-kit loco engine

009 oo9 gem vari-kit loco engine

Until next time, Thanks for reading.


  1. I wish I had the time, money and ability to create a model railway. I did start looking at creating a layout a number of years ago and even went so far as to purchase a Bachmann train set for the engine and rolling stock, but it never got any further. In the end I had to choose between wargames or railways, and I knew more about wargaming, so I had to go with that hobby.

    Anyway, I'll happily follow your efforts and the blog and wish you both the best of luck in it's creation.

    1. Thanks Roy, that means a lot. My time, effort and money does tend to swing backwards and forwards between projects, both in terms of wargaming projects and modelling projects like this.